What’s old? – & more What’s noo

The Regs I posted for BSSA’s Reg Lewis are last years. Not entirely my fault, it’s Jans’ computers! But as James says he would be inclined to remove the Regs as some people may become really confused. I’ve told you the correct date, but the Regs you download say April 11th [2010]. I’ll let you all know when we’ve got correct ones!

More good news culled from the SW Centre Gazette, Heidi has written that Joe Baker is now a Dad! Ali has had a little girl Chloe AND Joe & Ali are getting married Joe having proposed on Valentines Day. Don’t have to ask Joe for a sitrep during the SSDT now! Sw’s Gazette also reports that Mike & Evelyn Hann’s daughter Vicky has made them Grandparents too.

The Sporting MotorCyclist has a valedictory notice about the ACE Trials Team which has disbanded. Bob Adams tells you about the triasl, tribulations & costs of  sponsoring riders.

Expect a visit from Gary Thompson [ACU General Secretary] to the June Board Meeting. All are welcome to quiz or rant at him, but it would help if you tabled a question to the Board beforehand, either to me or Theresa Talbot

See you at the West Wilts Dinner I hope: Frank

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