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The View from Ba-House

I’ve not been to many trials in the Centre lately, mainly because I have been elsewhere. First there was the Stronlossat Question to resolve, then there were the Talmag, Wallace and Colmore trials to visit, so I’ve only been able to see two Championship trials in the Centre so far, Wilts-Border and Frome.
The Wallace thankfully returned to it’s roots and put in some really scary sections. The one I went to was in an old railway cutting and it was only cleanable if you were willing to fly across a steep camber, in a big gear, and aim to go between two stout Ash trees.It was great to watch and proved to be fairly safe, with only one rider head-butting a tree.
The big climb at Dovedale in the Colmore was at it’s worst this year, very slippery with only seven riders reaching the top. After Dovedale I walked down to Blockley and I was just in time to witness the slowest Road-Traffic-Accident I’ve ever seen.The result was one very unhappy Mercedes owner with a Tesco van in his shiny new bonnet. Still the van-driver tried his best to make amends. “Sorry about that” he said.
I had a bad day at Frome, for everyone started cheating and I failed to stop them. What happened was that a rider tried a new line that I thought was a cheater, so I said, “You can’t do that”, and we took it from there. What he did was ride through a gate then turn left away from the line of the section, do a loop and then shoot back in straight up towards the ends cards. ( Now as far as I’m concerned the rider should at all times try to ride from one gate to the next in as straight a line as possible, riding a loop outside the boundary of the section is not allowed.) Anyway it seemed that everyone, including the Steward, thought that I was mistaken so I had to let them all get away with it. Thinking about it afterwards I’m still of the opinion that I was right. I think it’s absurd to allow that kind of leeway, but it seems that I’m on my own on this. Still,to quote my hero, “Maybe I’m partly to blame”. If I had taken the trouble to study the section before the start then perhaps I could have closed the door with some wood, and stopped the problem early. Sadly though this experience has left me feeling really bitter,so I’ve decided that I’m with Phyllis Sweeting, Theresa Talbot and Colonel Gaddaffi, it’s no more Mr Nice Guy. Be warned, don’t even think of kicking any stones in my section.
Freddie Adams seems to be progressing well. He’s now at the stage of nearly getting everything right but crashing all the time. If he can stay patient it’ll come good soon. It’s bold of him to choose a Honda to train on, for it’s surely the most difficult bike to ride around here. If your ever tempted to buy one yourself, before ordering it you should really spend a few hours watching the two Georges, Best and Papa, at play. They’ve been fighting Hondas for years but unfortunately the bikes seem to be winning.                                                    Ba
Ed. I’ve no idea what the Stronlassat Question is but maybe Ba has discovered is new chemical element called Stronlassium analogous to Strontium which has association with Strontian. I’ve also heard its been very cold in the Highlands this February

What’s Noo is …….
The Wells  Clubs John Stait Trophy Championship Timed Trial Results are now posted on the Page, thanks to Steve Thorne. Quickly scanned them & I see Mitchell Frost did more laps than Tim managed, the younger generation asserts itself? Winner was Shane Lovett losing no marks  on observation & setting standard time, pushed by Jason Hamblin who lost 3 on observation [thats in 6 observed sections] & a minute on time.
What’s Noo is …….
A reminder from the Valers – don’t forget their Phoenix Club Trial on Sunday! Info below – [Shan’t get there myself, but I see Pat Richardson is Secretary, would someone let me know that her family are Ok out there in Japan, I can’t remember where they live! Unfortunately Tepco [Tokyo Electric Power Co.] have a bad reputation for public communication & the latest retraction [lowering initial radiation dose by 100 times is not reassuring] sorry rant over but I’m expecting confirmation of a rupture of the containment vessels to come sooner rather than later even if the integrity of the SS reactor PV are confirmed.
Mendip Vale Trials Information Event Date: April 3rd 2011
Organising Club: Mendip Vale MCC
Event Title: Phoenix Club Trial
For (Classes): Adult all classes, and Schoolboy Expert A and B,solos
At (Venue): Coombe Woods, Horrington, Wells, Somerset
Start Time: 10.30am
Contact Secretary: Pat Richardson
Contact Tel: 01275 878220
Closing Date: Close at start
What’s noo …… is
The BSSA Reg Lewis Sidecar & solo Trial results from last Sunday week 21st March from Jan Watkins
What’s noo ….. is
That its nearly time for some peoples ‘Holiday in the Highlands’ – I’ve just checked out the runners & riders to see who are our Centre & local riders. Pleased to see that Ian Fortune & Andy Noad [Bath & WoE] & Ian Shuttleworth [WWMC] have paid their moneys  & at 22, 23 & 24 respectively get their early day over with on the first day, I see they’ve got Grimbo, Carlos Casas & Wiggy close to them. Adam Norris [WWMC] & Paul Mountstevens [BMCC] run at 78 & 79 & they’ve got Amos Bilbao running close to them. CSMA have entered Billy Craig, Tony Moulder & Geoff Herbert at 96,97 & 98. Tony & Geoff we know but Billy I’ve never heard of. As he’s entered on a 125 GG I guess he’s a youngster? Get in touch if you know about him, is he fairly local? They’ve got Birks & Joe Baker for company at 100 & 102. Brothers Jean Marie, Eddie & Eric Lejeune  at 115, 116 & 117 are names to conjure with. Not contenders I’m sure but a wonderful tribute to the Event, lets hope they all enjoy themselves & have fun. Eddie especially will conjure up memories for many.
Craig Talbot [Wilts Border] has got in & goes at 150 with Becky Cook at 149. Friends from SW Centre include Ricky Wiggins who’s got in, I’m pleased to say, at 146. Rob & George Pollard [Moreton] are at 157 & 158, & George Edyvean from Cornwall [Pendennis] rides with them at 159. Potential Leaderboard man Ross Danby [Bewdley] is at 198. Theres another trio, this time of Bendalls 228 Henry, 229 Jason, & 230 Joseph {W Glos & Forest of Dean] . Here’s a tip for a top ten place riding at 250: Jack Sheppard [Ipswich] on a 125 Beta, especially as Dabill is riding at 248. I expect both to be top 10 at the end of the week, barring mechanicals.
But where are the Ladies this year? I can only see Becky, Katy Sunter & Emma Bristow in the list. It would have been nice to have had Laia Sanz enter again this year.
Good luck to all of you. Hope you have a good week & enjoy some of it!   ……………   Frank

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