Wilts Border Trial at the Piggeries today, don’t forget the Wyndham Haines Centre Championship Trial next Sunday [13th March]

After the Wilts Border Trial today, Dave Best asked me what was on next week. Since I have no memory it took me a while to work out it was Fromes’ Wyndham Haines Centre Championship Trial. Then I realized why I didn’t know, I hadn’t posted any Regs!

When we got back I checked with Tom & Mary that it was on, they had been out Marking Out for next weekend, so don’t forget. When Mary gets the Regs to me I’ll get them up! Regs are now posted!

Good little Trial at the Piggeries, nothing difficult, although the climb in Section 7  polished up & started to take marks in the last couple of laps. Thanks to all Observers, it was a bit too cold for comfort, even though we’d finished by one o’clockish.

After the Trial I gathered from one ‘schoolboy’ Dad that they hadn’t had a good day for a particular reason. So I checked the other side of the story. One lad didn’t want to ride competitively, so didn’t enter, the Club  advised him of the Insurance implications of riding around the venue  should he cause an accident & that he could practice after the Trial. As Centre Steward, I completely support the Club’s action, that is why we have Rules for Competitions – to protect both Organisers & Riders. As Dad didn’t advise me of  this explanation by the Club I couldn’t talk all this through with him, but if he reads this & contacts me I am very willing to explain this to him. We all know schoolboys are the future of our sport.

Watch this space for Results & Regs: Frank

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