Centre Trials Champs – Border Cup Regs available. Other chatter. Mendip’s Winterhead Results

Morning all.

The Centre Trials Champs begin next Sunday with the Avery, then on consecutive  Sundays the Border & James Cups so by the middle of next month we may have a feel for how it might go. With Champion Colin Crease maybe less committed than in the past is it time for some-one new at the top? We shall see, perhaps Colin will be able to ride all Rounds, if he does I wouldn’t bet against him. I guesss though that Ben Darch will want to ride all our Rounds & he will push hard to be Champion.

The Centre Enduro Championships have, to be honest, were a bit of a damp squib last year with more several planned Rounds being cancelled due to poor entries or problems with available venues. Factoring in that several “likely lads” were also doing other Championships which means date clashes were a problem – quite apart from the fact that the likely lads supporters who have the knowhow & drive to put on our Centre Events don’t have many spare weekends either I hope you can understand the difficulties. For this year there are only 2 Enduros & 3 H&H’s on the Centre Fixture List & a 2011 Championship is a little “up in the air”. I hope we will resolve this at the next Board Meeting.

Gary Scrivens is getting the Valers website added to the list of links available directly from the ACU web-site. Having had a quick look this morning I notice there are other Centre Clubs which are also not found via ACU. If Clubs want their sites added, let me know & we can get it fixed for you – obviously if Rugby hasn’t been askedyou wouldn’t expect a link would you?

You saw it here first! Eddie Lejeune (& his brothers) confirmed entries for the SSDT! Remember the report we had last year that it was quite likely – well the ballot favoured them. Never been quite sure about Laia Sanz – after seeing the World Champion having her bike kickstarted for her by her Minders, but this year she was best Lady & finished around 45th two wheeler in the Dakar Rally – I know she had a top class mentor [quiz – who was he?] before & during the Rallye Raid but its still a great achievement, & if the reports that she wasn’t credited with all of the time she spent stopped at an injured rider are correct, then that is unfortunate whether or not it would have affected her ultimate position.

Just in! Rob Pike has mailed over the Valers  Winterhead Trial results from yesterday. Slightly disappointing Entry, but fair weather & enjoyable.

That’s it for the moment, see you at the Avery: Frank

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