Soon be 2011! Regs for North Somerset’s Phillips Trophy

Not too much traffic in our single track Lane. Only two wrecked cars that I know about! Pretty sure one was the little car with 4 guys(?) in it that I saw obviously wanting to have fun on the snow & ice. You can easily tell by the way they drive! Our latest car has traction control – the TCS light comes on just after you know you are  spinning the driving wheels! ABS light doesn’t seem to bother its modulating on/off so fast. Still it’s fun if you can be certain there’s nothing round the next bend. Are we the only people – Clive & I – that drive with the window open & the stereo turned off – to hear others – & are also blowing the horn loud & long? Yet again two days ago we were stopped because we anticipated a vehicle around the next bend & watched a large 4×4 sliding towards us out of control, driver oblivious of the world I guess.

Winter mode auto box just seems to stick you in 3rd & 4th gear & gives you a “slow action throttle” More fun using your own skills though! I’d love to have a set of studded tyres though just to find out how they grip (& wear).

Right, we’ve just posted North Somerset’s Phillips Trophy TT Regs, & remember, if you haven’t got your 2011 ACU Licence/Trials Registration card yet, take along this (2010) years one. It’s validity is extended to 14th January because of the troubles the Post is having with the weather!

See you soon: Frank

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