Regional T&E Clerk of Course/Steward Licencing Seminars. Regs available in 2011

Provisional dates for your diaries are:

Tuesday January 18th & 25th at Warmley Community Centre starting at 19:30 hrs

Watch this space for further info!  I’m expecting the usual format to apply – ie 3hours or a bit less & we’re done – Frank.

We’ve put up your first set of Regs for next year. Good on you BSSA! On a new page  for 2011.

Remember I said we’d decided to stay indoors on Sunday? We have a Postie in the village who wears shorts most of the time when he’s working. Saw him today & just asked the question as he was still in shorts – the reply was ‘my fingers are freezing’ So that’s it then it’s only your fingers that get cold this weather!

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