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The Final Centre Championship Timed Trial Table for  2010 & as Tony Colman says: “Jason Hamblin is the clear winner, scoring well in all rounds. He has also won the North Somerset MSC time trial championship so has done the double.”

The Centre Championship Trials Table after 8 Rounds & as Pete Dury says: “Her’s the latest update after Sunday’s Wilts Border Autumn Trophy. Well done to the Wilts Border team who manage to find something different every time at Draycott.

There have been a few queries about the points awarded to riders with the same marks lost each round. The championship rules (last revised in 2002) state that in the event of ties the riders will be awarded the maximum points with the subsequent points disregarded e.g. joint winners both get 15 points and then 3rd place gets 10 points as normal.

There were quite a few riders in this round that have not been awarded any points due to having ridden previous rounds in a different class. The same applies to a couple of previous Expert class riders that cannot be awarded points riding as B class riders. Once an Expert your only options are the AB class or the O40/O50 class.

If you have any queries or spot any mistakes then please let me know.”

The last BSSA TT results – the 6th Alan Brown on 31/10/10 are available as is the BSSA Phil Sparkes Trophy Trial Regs for that after Christmas thrash around Scars Wood on 27th December.

ps that new variation for Experts in Nippers section, No 2, at the Autumn Trophy on Sunday made you think didn’t it? Bet you are all pleased Becky Cooke saw its potential. Andy Noad more or less faceplanted the vertical face on one lap when the front wheel didn’t lift at all & just ‘stopped’ ,  fortunately teeth & wedding tackle were all unharmed! I did see a lovely clean by Lee Hassall on lap 3 & as Nipper said at the time ‘the difficult bit is doing the same thing next lap” Lee couldn’t!. I missed the only other clean, by Ben Darch, on his 4th lap. Ben had the best aggregate ride on that section only losing 7 whereas Colin Crease & Lee both lost 8.

Phyllis said it was jolly cold for your feet after four hours & reckons some of you Riders need to find friends or family that will come out & Observe so you can enjoy your sport long after us ‘oldies’ can’t be bothered anymore or have keeled over anyway. How about it guys?

See you soon: Frank

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