It’s Wednesday! Scott Trial this week-end, Stuff.

Nice morning here, hope it is with you.

Mutter Mutter. So Becky Cook lost her title. The king is dead, Long live the King! I think I said that it was down to her, & according to TMX, it was her mistake – managing to ride out of a section as she missed some markers, in a section that she would have cleaned otherwise. Pressure? Maybe a difficult section, where she had done the hard stuff & relaxed too soon? We will hear in due course I expect. The hardest test will come next year in the Championships. Maybe Joanne Coles ‘wanted it’ more this year – congratulations to the new Champion.

We’ve posted up for you Regs for North Somerset’s Presidents Trophy Centre Championship Trial [28th November] & updated the Centre Trials Champ Table – sorry for the delay with these.

Scott Trial –  not a lot of local interest here this year – no riders that live in Wessex Centre that I can see – but Geoff Herbert & Tony Moulder are in, Ricky Wiggins is a first timer & it will be very interesting to see how he goes – it’ll be an eye opener for him I know. No Amos or Fujigas this year – or any foreign riders at all. Julian Harvey [E Centre] is on the reserve list, SW Centre have George & Rob Pollard in & Chris Shorey – how many consecutive years has he done now I wonder. Both the Ludgates, a couple of Lampkins, Grimbo, Dabill, Austermuhle, Alexz Wigg, Michael Brown there I reckon I’ve mentioned the winner by now. A great day out for everyone on Saturday.

Most interesting ‘The Sporting Motorcyclist’ this month  several letters slapping down the comments of ACU Chairman Jim Parker about Stephen Westleys resume of the South East Trials Combine brainstorming session about the future of Trials. Contact me if you would like to have me share them with you.

Oh & I was surprised to see a press release telling us about the Weston Beach Race on the ACU website – didn’t seem to me we needed to give publicity to a rival [non ACU] event. Am I wrong about that?

That’s done controversial for a bit, keep your feet – see you soon. Frank

ps For Sale – Knackered and rusty old ‘F’ reg 2000cc petrol Transit minibus with exhaust falling off – 18 days tax and 23 days MOT (and not a hope in hell of it passing) – good engine only 68,000 miles – offers

Wanted – Transit van (or similar) around the £1,000 mark.

If interested talk to Pete Dury

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