Monday 4th October’s Chatter

Good morning to all,

Delighted that we made the decision last week not to go to Wilts Borders ‘Endeavour’ Trial at the Piggeries – we thought it might be muddy! Anyway we had lots of apples to pick & store!

Theresa has sent out results & we should have them posted here by tea time. The same goes for the Wells Clubs Presidents Timed Trial Regs this coming Sunday, the Southern Experts Regs [5th December at Hound Tor with solo & sidecar classes] & the North Somerset Timed Trial 24th October.

I notice that Jon Tuck & Matt Sparkes are still showing the rest of the trials chair brigade the way in the British Championship. Can they be beaten with 1 round to go?

Update 19:00hrs: The Southern Experts must wait for another day, but the Wilts Border Endeavour Results are up, ditto North Somersets Timed Trials on both 5th September [the RT Keedwell] & 26th September [the Ivan Manning]. The Regs for the Wells Presidents TT are also posted. Haven’t had time to check the links so if you don’t get to them please let me know asap.

Pleased to see the West Wilts Club team in the British Enduro Champs placed 3rd from 7.

Check for more chatter soon: Frank

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