More Regs available: “Drillman” is very coy!

Tuesday already: We’ve posted the Regs & Entry Form for the North Somerset Restricted to Club Gordon Brown 2hr Time Trial on 24th October.

Had some fun yesterday with Drillman who has been critical of information put on the website. He – I imagine it’s a he not a she – is whingeing [I think] that he finds it hard to know what Events are running & where. He was really rather ungrateful that we told you yesterday the Brockley Cup has a date change.

Drillman is one of those people who just want to criticise, well we don’t mind criticism, we’re all for free speech – come to a Board Meeting – discussion is very vigorous at times. But when we challenge Drillman to say who he is there’s a very very loud silence. How do we know? – because we asked him  who he was –  not once but twice, So the adult conversation we could have had about improving communications won’t happen.

We know this guy has sniped at  Club website coordinators as well, again he’s been too coy to say who he is, so we shall ignore further comments from Drillman until he is willing stand up & be counted.


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