More Regs & Chatter – Ivan Manning Centre Champ Timed Trial – Current Enduro Champ Tables

Hello all,

Firstly, a corrected  chattering report. Remember some Secretaries of the Meeting were admonished by the Permit Secretary, a couple of weeks ago? Well, you should stop feeling hurt, because Mike Fear has updated his comment, when you’ve done the job for 25 years sometimes you get out of synch. What Mike intended to say was that the National Sporting Code 3.16 now tells you what to do if your event is postponed or cancelled – it isn’t on the back of the latest Permits. So continue to be admonished if you haven’t been telling Mike. So we’ve cleared that one up – as it had been pointed out to me that Mike’s reminder I passed on to you wasn’t correct!

Secondly, I told you that the Maxxis “tube” collapsed at Farleigh last Sunday afternoon – well that is still true – but my comment that I’ve never seen these “tubes” collapse – [Never known them get moved/deflated in any Tour de France coverage so they must be pretty tried & tested technology?] – was updated on Monday – watching the prologue Time Trial in the Enerco Benelux Tour I saw the “tube over the finish line was collapsing. Anyone remember how the Champion Spark Plug was inflated for Farleigh in the old days?

Regs & Entry Forms are now published for NSMSC’s Centre Championship Ivan Manning Timed Trial on 26th September – see the Regs Available page.

Centre Enduro Championship Placings will be posted for you later on today. OK I’ve got that done now – you can find them in Pages – Current Centre Champ Tables as at 09/08/10 if navigation around the site is difficult.

Chattering with our local Policeman [guess who?] since I wrote the above, brought the comment that the Kingswood Enduro was  a good event, so pats on the back for them. His next event is the Dawn to Dusk!

Be seeing you all, keep your feet up to some & wind it open to others: Frank

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