More Trials Champ Regs. & a nice day at Farleigh

Hello all.

First off, Regs are now available for the Frome & Dist. Club’s Ron Jeffries Trophy Trial which is now Centre Championship Round, [it replaces their Wyndham Haines Trial which was cancelled back in March] Venue is Weston Town Farm down at Wanstrow & its on 12th September. Hope to see you there.

It was a good day at Farleigh, thought I ought to go and see how it’s done “these days”!  I didn’t say in my last “mutter” how dry the track was 7 days ago, I’d had a good look at the straight that takes you to the climbs & drops in the orchard. It was loose dry earth, not even any grass. But the sun shines on the righteous & ACU Events were blessed with heavy rain all day Tuesday , Friday afternoon & again for a lot of Saturday. Come race day the track was in prime condition that straight was nicely firmed up not at all slippy, just grippy. I’d guess at a ca 5k crowd. The spectator mix seemed to be across all age groups & I heard “ordinary punters” saying it wasn’t technical enough ie not enough bumps & jumps – but then in the next breath the comment that Silverstone is a dreadful viewing circuit. I’m not sure I agree about the technical bit, I saw top riders – Josh Coppins, Evgeny Bobreshev – getting the uphill jumps in the orchard all wrong! And don’t you think controlled powersliding round a sweeping bend is a spectacle? Come to think of it uncontrolled powersliding around sweeping bends is pretty interesting too. As expected I saw lots of people [sorry if I didn’t immediately recognise you] I knew young & old. There were Dads remembering Dave  Thorpes epic red mist ride way back when [remember that one?] & Grandads remembering Jeff Smith, Don & Derek Rickman et al even further back. Maybe up in heaven they were talking about the pre war grass tacks? The smaller ones will be remembering Zach Osborne & Tom Church winning races back in 2010 when they get to be Dads with lads I’m sure.

I was concerned when I saw the red flag come out in the orchard after a couple of laps in Race 2 – serious problem needing ambulance on track I guessed. No – a safety issue – the Maxxis tube which spanned the track had collapsed  or moved off its tethers! It shouldn’t happen but it did! Never known them get moved/deflated in any Tour de France coverage so they must be pretty tried & tested technology?

I noticed the start gate was in two halves, not individual gates but fortunately there were no issues at the starts – if a section of an individual gate doesn’t drop its either a malfunction or an attempted “quick” start if half the entry doesn’t get away it has to be called a false start with no exclusions doesn’tg it?s As I often reckon the marshalling left a bit to be desired & I didn’t see a post whacking crew with sledge. Surprised to see a marshal dump his red & yellow flags & walk off to get a sledge, it took longer than a lap of the track & thenwhen he got back bang in posts without the other adjacent marshal covering him with a yellow flag. But that’s being picky.

Overall an excellent day. Oh & Bill Douglas is home & improving.


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