Keep Taking the Medicine: it’s starting to work!

Great, it looks as if people are using the website. Phyllis Sweeting  had 3 entries in yesterdays post  for the West Wilts James Cup on forms downloaded from the website.

Thinking out loud now, does it make sense to ask you for your email address as well on the entry form so you can choose either to go to the website to collect the results or to enclose an SAE for your printed results?

Any thoughts? You can post a response by scrolling down to Leave a Reply & filling in the boxes. It will not show immediately – because admin has to approve it first!

One thought on “Keep Taking the Medicine: it’s starting to work!

  1. Brett King

    Hello Frank
    In reply to your question about email addresses on entry forms – the answer would have to be – YES.

    That way you can create a mail list and actually send notifications about forthcoming events, etc. The other thing you could do is something very popular on the Western centre site, namely to “post” on the site the full results. In the report you posted for Swindon DMC Freegard Trial, the results were of “the select few”. How about getting Sec of Meetings to email you the full list from victors right thru to “also-rans”. The rider can then get his results quicker, save on a postage stamp and envelope AND save some poor Sec of Meeting folding up umpteen dozens of results sheets… not to mention the paper and printer ink savings to be had too. Obviously some riders may not have email/internet access (but not many I should think!) so a few riders may elect to provide an SAE at signing on for their results. This method works well in Western Centre events – what do you think?
    Bretton King


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