Frome’s Selwood Novice/Bradley Cup Centre Championship Trial Result. Timed Trial Championship Rules.

Hi guys,

Must rush Phyllis has just said dinners ready, Results posted in the usual place, Gary was the man today together with Rob Scott, James Dean. Richard Elliott, Jerry Glover, Dai Clothier & youth riders in their classes respectively,

Hope I’ve got it posted OK for you, I’ll look again  after dinner US GP permitting.

OK dinner over, yep the results for today are where I had put them. What a great day today, I didn’t get at all cold, Phyllis was in lovely sunshine all day, & thanks for your ‘Thanks for Observings. It was genuinely a pleasure.

Collected our TMX today, & after we got home I quickly scanned it, & I see the FIM has gone No Stop for outdoor trials next year, I think that probably removes the arguments over Stop/NoStop as NoStop  will be what all you aspiring World Champ riders need to practice  [Well Michael Brown, Dibs, Alexz, Jack Shepherd etc] & will want to ride in your Centre Champs?

Remember there was a tie on points for 2nd place in the T.Trial Champs! Some digging around in the Centre Archive has found the 1982 ‘Sun Life” Timed Trial Championship Rules – as it happens Phyllis had a set that she  used when she had to attribute the correct Championship points at the Tanner Trudge.

These Rules tell us that ties on points are settled in favour of the driver firstly with the most wins, if that does not resolve the tie it moves on to the driver with most seconds etc. If these tie breaks still don’t break the tie then the driver with the fastest time in the last Championship Timed Trial takes precedence. Is that clear? I shall make a point of including these Rules in the handouts that Regional CofC/Steward Seminars receive.

So after 30 years the Rules have had to be read again!!!


ps Fernando wins F1 Drivers Championship after Sebastien has alternator failure [next weeks Headline perhaps?] & don’t forget the North Somerset “Presidents” Trial next Sunday

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