Happy Christmas to all & a review of riders results in the Centre Trials Champs from Adam


Hope you and Phyllis are well? Good decision not to attend  the Knut as the trial ran into the late afternoon and I was observing rather than continue my poor spell of brainless riding. Think I got back to the car around 3.45pm, but happy to help and had a great day.

I wanted to ask you to put up a mention on the Wessex website for some of the lads who also had great rides this year, that perhaps have been overlooked. In Colin’s absence Lee Hasall has had a great year and a third is not what he would have hoped for but for a fair period he has led the class and made sure he attended all events and even rode on after smacking full bore into the tree at Compton Greenfield when I did exactly the same thing.

Rob Scott continued to show his no fuss riding ability and whilst he did downgrade himself it doesn’t take away from the fact that he clearly won the AB’s. In the same class Chris Mitchard has not been able to attend every round due to work and family commitments but when he does ride, what a performance he seems to put in and I am delighted to see him get into the Experts at the ripe old age of 45! I have appreciated his help this year, showing me how to set about the tougher sections and at the tender age of 42 I have no ambitions to follow suit, save to say that I just want to finish in one piece each weekend.

In the B’s Wayne Holmes has made it to the next level although he reliably informs me he will go over 40’s and has even arranged to compete in his own small championship with work colleagues who all ride the B route during the year, good on him. It should be noted he was only upgraded to B’s this year, so a great result.

And what about the C’s? Kevin Miller may be in his 50’s and having another bash at Trials having last ridden in the 80’s but boy oh boy does he make an effort. Who else this year has ridden an average of 8 times per month? Yes, that was 8 times! Now Kev loves his Trials and will ride a mid week event then a Saturday and of course a Sunday. And if on route, a Trial is cancelled he will re-direct his little van and turn up somewhere else just to keep his riding skills honed. Moreover he has won something like four championships, two club and two centre, which is no mean feat. He has ridden up towards Northampton, Birmingham, the South Coast and even London in his search for a ride and even taken in some Nationals to improve his riding. Lets see how he goes in the B’s

Lastly, Terry Potts has made it to the B’s and Terry had his first Trial the same day I did in 2007 at the Kingswood MCC May Bank Holiday Trial at Ozleworth. Thing is Terry had studies to finish and exams to take and then missed a lots of riding with house moves and one thing and another, not least money, but puts in total effort when he can ride, being perhaps a little tough on himself if he thinks he didn’t do his best.

So to the many varied riders with just a million different stories to tell, I for one have enjoyed the year and congratulate us all on another one under the belt. Very well done to all winners and to the masses, big thanks to the organisers and the back room guys and gals who make it all possible.

All the Best & Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. – Adam Colburn.

Frank says ‘Adam, thank you for that critique of our Championships, it’s great to hear from someone who is just out for a days fun, & who puts something back into the sport by helping Organisers when they aren’t riding. Adam’s comments show how you can be competitive amongst your own skill level [that’s why we have the Grading system of course] & I echo his comments about the individual riders he mentions.

On behalf of all those of us that don’t ride but help to make your sport happen, thanks for your thanks. We all like a little pat on the back sometimes!

Have a great festive season all of you: Frank & Phyllis

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