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Taken to task by a “chattering” reader today re my post yesterday – I’ll tell you why in a minute – but We’re really pleased – someone ‘out there’ wants to know what we’re chattering about! And another thing – I asked about former Centre Trials Champions – well we have at least  2 more readers! They have suggested that these four guys have been our Solo Trials Champs. Any-one agree?

Jon Tuck, Dave Jeffries, Gary Marshman & Rob Wrigley are the names in the frame.

Right then, my thinking aloud about Becky Cooke Ladies Champ chances, I got it wrong. Now I’ve read the Championship Rules I’ll correct myself If Becky wins the last Round she WILL be Champion again. If she wins Joanne cannot be better than second, both Ladies will discard one score, so bothe will have 4 wins & 3 seconds, the tie break is then best performance in the last Round, so in my scenario Becky would be Champ again.

We can’t go to the IoW to support Becky – because of [our] West Wilts Centre Trials Championship Errington Cup – but our appointed Centre Steward has pulled out to be part of Becky’s on site Back up!

Good day out at Easter Compton today it was really dry there with plenty of grip = lots of happy faces at the finish. Results to follow when available.

Lets also hope the West Wilts team have had a good day at the Natterjack final BEC Round, I think our guys for this Round are Dan Beavan, Ben Shuttleworth & Tyson Maytom-Jones. Not sure if Freddie Broadway has a functional bike or not at the moment. I’ll let you know when I have a Report

Keep your feet up or have quick special tests: Frank

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