Had a good weekend? Trials of an Observer!

Hi there all of you. Just about to post up the Results of yesterdays Frome Ron Jefferies Centre Championship Trial.

You’ll see Ben Darch  l was 3rd expert? I think that was actually Ben Bramwell, but I haven’t been able to check that out with Mary yet.

Very pleasant day, & Railtrack have made up the roadway into the venue for us! as they have been doing a loy of “Civils” work on the railway embankment.

Managed to have a chat with eventual winner Ricky Wiggins, who has entered next months Scott Trial, so we shall see him up there. He said he was getting a lot of help from Talon & Rob Sartin which he was most appreciative of.

I was disappointed to hear a lot of effing & blinding at one stage from a couple of guys who were loudly complaining about the ability of an Observer on one section.  Just as well our two young lady  “B” & “C” class National Youth Championship contenders  weren’t within earshot. Would you believe it, they  were chuntering about Observers knowing the Rules, so I was greatly surprised when on a subsequent lap the first of these two guys fived my section & then proceeded to pick up handfuls of leaves & moss & distribute it along a greasy climb not once but twice, right in front of me, & just before his mate rode the section. I had to point out that he was interfering with the section with the object of giving his mate an advantage, as he had an interest in his mates performance. It didn’t appear that he was aware of that Rule!

Later on I was told the Observer whose decision they disputed had even been told they had the ride in question on Video as evidence! – in a blatant attempt to get the Observer to change the decision!  Readers of my mutterings will remember that there has been similar widely noticed “we’ve got it on video” incidents in British Championship Trials. Most Riders of course respect the Observers decision & appreciate their days sport is facilitated by all these volunteers. Credit however to the 2 guys , they thanked me for observing on their last lap!

Hope to have the Swindon Enduro Results available for you soon too.

Keep smiling: Frank

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