Tea Leaves & Another Wessex Centre National Champion!

Listen up, this is important. The thieves are out there & busy.

Mathew Roberts has had his Garage broken into last night & his pride & joy has been nicked together with other things. Nightmare!

If you hear about a 4stroke Sherco Trials bike going cheap or any whispers, or just see someone riding a similar bike please give it the once-over – it might be Mathews. Please get in touch with me in the first instance. A reward for information leading to recovery is offered.

The new British Cross Country Expert Champion is  ——  West Wilts member, Tyson Maytom-Jones. I notice that Seb Dexter is 9th Expert & Simon Prideaux is =11th in the Clubman Elite Class. So our congratulations to them in the, inaugural year, I think of these Championships. FYI, Daryl Bolter is the Championship Class winner.

Back on your Bikes – it’s the Wessex Enduro Champ Round  H&H at Abbottside tomorrow [entries close tomorrow evening] & put this date in your Diary now – the next (last) Round will be another H&H this time run by West Wilts at the legendary Farleigh Castle on Sunday 17th October.


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