Trials Championship Tables – updated after Sundays Errington Cup. Regional Trials Licencing Seminar – Swindon November 9th

Hello all,

Pete Dury has updated the Centre Championship Tables for you following the WWMC Errington Cup, & says “It looks like the Championship and most classes are still wide open although Sean Donaghy has run away with the ‘C’ class and cannot be caught now with only 3 rounds left. As always, please let me know if you spot any errors or have any queries.” Regards: Pete.

You’ll find them here: Centre Champ Tables as at 091017

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that Pete’s latest issue, Roger Johns is missing from the B class Table.  I understand this removal has been/is being discussed on a Facebook page somewhere. As you will all know I don’t do Facebook, but for the avoidance of doubt I will explain why. Another rider queried with the Recorder why Roger was being awarded B class Championship points when he was graded as an A/B rider & so, In accordance with the Championship Rules, the Recorder removed Roger from B class Champ Tables. It’s as simple as that!

Roger has been in touch & asks me to confirm to you that he didn’t intend to create any confusion & disrupt the B class Championship & explains that at the first Round, the Miller Cup, he didn’t want to ride any A class sections after a layoff, so entered as a B class rider knowing the AB’s would have to ride several sections on the A route. It’s as simple as that.

Now, a Regional Trials Licencing Seminar is being arranged at the Swindon Gas Club (Swindon & District MCC Clubhouse) on Thursday 9th November. If you attend & are successfully complete the prior ‘homework’ & assessment on the night. you will be Licenced as a Regional Clerk of the Course & Regional Steward for 2018 – 2020 inclusive. It isn’t restricted to Wessex Centre but is open to all for whom Swindon is a convenient venue. Please get in touch with me asap to indicate you want to come.

Call me on 01225 862506 or mail me at (replace the at with @)


ps Wow, I was told on Sunday you can spend £9,200 on a new Vertigo, maybe that’s why Trial entries are dropping all over the country?



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