Centre Trials Championship Tables – Update & some mutterings


Pete Dury, has updated the Centre Trials Championship Tables for you & you can find them here as an .xls file:  Centre Champ Tables as at 25:09:17 Thanks Pete.

The Expert class is quite close at the moment, with Kurt on 60 & Champion Ben on 57. Kurt has a advantage in that he’s won the 4 Rounds he’s competed in, so with 4 Rounds to go it’s getting interesting. Lee hasn’t ridden the last two Rounds, but I’m not sure why?

We hear that former Champion Hedley Ashford has recently been unwell but is now loads better after having a stent fitted & has been spotted out & about at recent Trials. An excellent picture of former Champion Colin Crease in this weeks TMX by Linda Ashford, with Colin in ‘attack’ mode, I suspect this may have been son Jamie’s first competitive ride?

Other Centre riders in the news are Victoria Payne with points scoring rides in the last two Womens Trial2 World Champs, & Joe Millard together with pilot Stuart Brown finishing in 4th   place in the Sidecar Cross World Champs.

Not long now before pilgrimages are made to the Scott Trial. A quick scan of the entry List shows up Fred Adams ~& Tom Culliford as Wessex riders, with Mark Cameron, Ty Kellet, Ben & Sam Ludgate & Miles Carruthers as riders who were Centre riders or based in adjoining Centres. Good luck particularly to Mark, surely there’s some sort of wager involved, an o50 first timer is unusual to say the least

A word of caution if you’re going up, the Reeth Baker still has the business up for sale, & not even the locals know if he’ll be open or if he is, when.

More follows, but not this evening, see you at the Wells Centre Champ Time Trial at Rookham tomorrow?


ps re Sidecar Cross Stuart & Joe were 4th, & Frenchman Valentin Giraud & passenger Elvijs Mucenieks were 2nd this year, by chance I noticed a sticker supporting World Sidecar Cross & Giraud on a French car when we were in Montherme in Belgium having lunch one day on our recent Holiday & then that Barry Nutley, Barbara Watts son, was reporting the Results of the last  Round at Markelo in the Netherlands at https://www.fimsidecarcross.com , Barry had vanished off my radar since his Independent TV road race commentaries were dropped 2 or 3 years ago.

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