Helmet Cam Ban [updated 11th Feb.] & Kingswood’s Avery Cup Trial Regs

Hi all,

I’m just confirming that the Helmet & Body Camera ban in Enduro Standing Regulations 2016, ESR 14 has been extended to cover all Permitted Trials & Enduro Events.

If the camera is built into the helmet by the Manufacturer then it’s ok.

You may still mount a GoPro or suchlike camera to your machine. For Enduro’s you still need a valid Gold or Silver ACU stamp on your helmet to compete.

For the avoidance of doubt, the following statement is taken from http://trialscentral.com/news-archive/acu-news-updates/17642-acu-news-week-commencing-9th-nov-2015 qv


The ACU T and E Committee has decided to follow the ruling implemented by the FIM (International Motorcyclist Federation, the governing body of world bike sport) and also the FIME which looks after Europe, to forbid the wearing of cameras on any part of the body whilst competing in an event. This decision comes following a number of accidents in which the wearing of a camera has caused injury. The decision was also made as it was considered that when helmet mounted there was also a risk of damaging the integrity of the helmet. Helmets that intrinsically incorporate a camera from new would not be included in the ban. However, machine mounted cameras would continue to be permitted.”

Frank comments: but I am mystified why I can find no reference to Helmet & Body Camera bans on the ACU’s own web-site. Diligent reading of the 2016 Handbook shows a ban in Track Racing SR’s in 3.1 but only Helmet Cams are mentioned. In Moto-X SR”s you can use a Helmet Cam with the permission of the Chief Technical Officer or the CofC  see 8.2.8  I can find no mention of bans in Road Racing, Super-Moto, Drag, Hill Climb, or Pocket Bike SR’s. Please give me a reference if you know better!!

The Kingswood Avery Cup Centre Champ Trial Regs & Entry Form for 28th February can be found here  Kingswood Avery 280216


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