Updated “Terry Bunn” Regs & Entry Form, BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Results, Centre AGM Report

Hi. Several notification/updates today!

NSMSC Centre Champs Terry Bunn T/Trial Updated Regs & Entry Form for 07/02/16 are here:  NSMSC Terry Bunn Champ T Trial changed to Chelwood 070216  [click!]

BSSA 2nd Alan Brown T/Trial Results are here: BSSA 2nd Alan Brown TTrial Results 310116

Wessex Centre ACU – AGM & Board Meeting Report from 2nd February 

Roll Call of Clubs:

Bath & West, Bristol GrassRC, Bristol Sporting Sidecar A, Kingswood, Swindon & Dist, West Wilts & Wilts Border attended, Frome & Dist, Mendip Vale, North Somerset, Wells & Dist. did not!

The following Officers were elected:

President: Martin Bracey

Vice Presidents: Denys Plaster, Mike Fear, Frank Sweeting, Theresa Talbot.

Chairman: Keith Wooster

Vice Chairmen: Mike Fear, Mark Talbot

Honorary Treasurer: Clive Chapman

Theresa Talbot presented Martin Bracey with the Centres’ Chain of Office.

Centre President Martin Bracey then awarded the Harry Croft Trophy to Phyllis Sweeting

Afterwards, at the following February Board Meeting, the following Officers were appointed:

Centre Secretary: Theresa Talbot, Assistant Secretary: Phyllis Sweeting, Permit Secretary: Mike Fear, National Council Delegate: Nick Steadman, Awards Secretary: Martin Bracey, Website Administrator [Webmaster]: Frank Sweeting, Ben Fund Officer: Martin Bracey, Competitions Committee: Martin Bracey, Bob Burt, Tom Gerken, Mark Talbot, Nick Steadman, Gary Wooster.

Comment: So no new names there then – Ed

The regular Agenda items were discussed & the 2015 Centre Accounts & Balance Sheet were approved.

Comment: As no items were raised from the floor at either the AGM or Board I deduce that all our Centre riders & Club Members are completely happy with the way the Centre runs things on their behalf. – Ed.

Franks Mutterings:

I attended a Nation Trials Licencing Seminar last Saturday – the comment was made by John Collins the T&E C’ttee Chairman that it was clear the number of Insurance Claims made against your Events by Officials is quickly increasing because Observers are getting older [mostly pensioners?] & Officials using bikes at Events are also falling off [& older bones are more brittle] & that CofC’s need to remember their Duty of Care to their Official Team. 

Phyllis & I have pre-empted this, as we have already decided & have stopped Observing at Sections where we consider that it is unsafe for us to observe. So – be warned – the Sports future is in your hands – here endeth etc. etc.


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