Remember Scrambler Vic Vaughan? Numbered Rider Cards for Trials Organisers.

I do, do you I wonder?

I fielded a call this afternoon from Andy Westlake who is busy working on the 4th Volume of  Off Road Giants!: Heroes of 1960’s Motor Cycle Sport 

Andy has interviewed Vic Vaughan who won the Frome MC& LCC Clubs Rob Walker Trophy in 1967 or 1968. That will have been an Easter Monday Meeting I’m sure. Does anyone out there happen to know or remember which year it was? Vic can’t recall which. Please let me know if you do & I’ll pass the info on.

Do any Clubs need any more Riding Number Cards? If you do then Pete Culliford’s your man.

He can do Trials Riding Number Sets 1-100 black on white background which are normally £4.50 per set, he’ll supply any Wessex Centre Club @ £3.50 per set plus postage.

He can also do bespoke trials markers, flags & Begins – Ends Markers.

Get in touch via , or 01453 845197.


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