The Swindonian LDT Date was incorrect! Regs available for Fromes Wyndham Haines & West Wilts James Cup Championship Trials

Hi guys,

Wednesdays update!

Gary Wooster pointed out the Dates List I posted had the Swindon Club’s Swindonian LDT in on the wrong date. Thanks Gary

I’ve now corrected that, & you’ll see the date of the revision on the Dates List is now the 18th of March. The previous revision date was 3rd of March.

It’s fairly simple for us to alter & update the Fixture List database with changes like this & it ‘s an improvement, I hope you’ll agree, over previous years where the Fixture List was ‘just’ a copy of the printed Fixture List your Club Secretary gave you.

Frome’s Wyndham Haines  Trial is the Sunday after Easter at Weston Town Farm, Wanstrow. The Regs are here: Frome Wyndham Haines Trial Regs&Entry Form for 120415

WWMC James Cup is on Easter Monday at Becky Addy Woods the Regs are here: WWMC James Cup Trial Regs 060415 & the Entry Form is here: WWMC James Cup Trial Entry Form for 060415

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