It’s a little different! We’ve added an up to date Centre Fixture List.

Yes, it’s a little different, the way the site is presented that is.

Thanks to all of you that responded when we asked you about the changes we suggested & have now had implemented.

We hope you will find it easier to navigate.

We’ve added this morning a Centre Fixture list for 2015 – 2016. Centre Fixture List 2015 2016 as at 180315 You’ll find this will download as a .xlsx file, & you’ll see it has a It has a “as at dd/mm/yy” date.

As you all know the printed Fixture Card, which you will have been given a copy of by your Club Secretary is a  “snapshot” of Events advised to the Centre Dates Meeting in November time. As the year goes on various Events are cancelled &/or postponed, & new Events are planned by Clubs. So this list of events will be updated after the monthly Centre Board Meeting to reflect the up to date situation as known to the Centre.

We hope this will help you when planning your rides, & our Clubs on getting their messages “out there”


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