Kingswood’s Centre Champs Avery Cup Trial Regs & Entry Forms, New Championship Classes, NSMSC Wynnes Trophy TT Regs & Entry Form

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the Regs & Entry forms for both the Centre Trials Championship Avery Cup Trial, on 22nd February   Kingswood Centre Champs Avery Cup Entry Form for 220215  , Kingswood Centre Champ Avery Cup Trial Regs – 220215, and the North Somerset Wynnes Trophy Timed Trial on 8th March  NSMSC Wynnes Trophy TT 080315  are available for you to download.


For 2015 there are some changes to the Centre Trials Championships, as explained below:

Wessex Centre Trials Championships –  Changes to Class status & new Class

Three current Rider classes in all Wessex Centre Championship Trials have been uprated to Championship Status.
These are:  Youth “Expert” riding the Main route, Youth “A” riding the Alternative route, and Youth “B” riding the Sportsman route.

A new Class has been introduced for Twin Shock machines, and this Class will have Championship status. Twin Shocks will ride the Sportsman route


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