We need your help!, new phone No for Mick Perry etc

Hello all,

firstly Mick Perry is getting a new landline phone number & has asked us to let you all know. We’re not certain when it will be but if  you don’t find him on the one you’ve used for ages, you must call 01173 240 267, Mick’s mobile stays the same, 07966 237 008.

Why do we need your help? Well, it’s your feedback we need. We know the Centre’s website hasn’t changed since we moved from a paper Gazette at the start of January in 2010.

So now we’ve come up with a new ‘front end’ which we hope will make it easier for you to find what you want from the website quickly & easily so that we are more ‘user friendly’ while still remembering what we set out to do back in 2010.  The ‘About’  Page states what they were & still are, to remind you:

“This site is intended to give sporting motorcyclists a “one stop shop” to find out about the sporting calendar of events organised by Clubs affiliated to the Wessex Centre of the ACU. We will do this by publishing:

A List of the Centres’ Elected & Appointed Officers
A List of Clubs in the Wessex Centre, & links to their Club Web Sites
Posting notified Regulations available so that you can enter Events
Posting notified Results so you can see how you did!
Posting the annual Centre Fixture List
Telling you about date changes where notified etc etc”

So please click on this link   Centre website redesign

have a look around, try using it and then

tell us if you think it’s better to use & easier to find what you want. It’s your web-site so tell us what you think

Thanks: Frank

ps. The link is a snapshot of the present site a fortnight ago & won’t be updated – so it won’t have new Posts added.

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