Happy New Year to All! Here are this years Results to date, & Regs for BSSA’s 2nd Alan Brown T/Trial

The New Year Fireworks are over & it’s 2015. Lets hope it’s a good one for all you of & your Families. As far as Sweetings go, our families saw too much of RUH Bath & Addenbrookes Cambridge this year, relatively minor episodes in the  “bigger picture” I know but we wish good health to all of you in 2015.

To business: here are yesterdays Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial Results, WBorder Kington Cup Res 040115 & the BSSA New Years Day 1st Alan Brown Club Solo & Sidecar Timed Trial Results, BSSA Results 1st Alan Brown Solo 010115  & Sidecar BSSA S:car & 2nd Solo Alan Brown TT 010115

Next up are the Regs for BSSA’s 2nd Alan Brown Series Timed Trial on 1st February BSSA 2nd Alan Brown TT Regs & Entry Form 010215

Hope to see you soon

Frank & Phyllis

ps I’ve been asked if Martin Strang rode the Tanner Trudge, & if so which year(s) & if he did where did he place?

We’re talking about the 1970’s & 1980’s period. That’s not something I have to hand, as remember that was back in the days of Roneo’s to duplicate the Results  & for  you to enclose an SAE for your results. Any Centre Historians out there?

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