A few of my ‘mutterings’ about the Knut Trophy Trial

Right-ho: a few comments on Sundays Knut Trophy.

Congratulations , of course, to the Centre Champion Kurt Brain, who has ridden 7 of the 8 Round Championship {the Round he missed clashed with the Southern Experts Trial which as a Regional Restricted Trial is a level above  a Centre Championship} Not only that, Kurt won those 7 Events, a faultless record. We are all grateful to Kurt for taking our Wessex Centre Championship so seriously.

As it happens the best Youth Expert, Tom Hooper made 2nd best performance & it was a really class Entry of 4 of the best “A” class youths in the country, being in no particular order Tom Minta, Toby Martyn, Tom Hooper & Tom Culliford. We hope that maybe we might see them all at next years Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Trial or perhaps a West Wilts trials at Becky Addy Woods if their National & International commitments allow.

I mentioned on Sunday that the Traders is one of the hardest Centre Trials, & looking at Riders scores, it proved to be so, the lowest Class winning score being Mike Husband riding the  o50 route losing 29 [0.65 marks per section average]. All other Class winners averaged 1.25 marks per section average or more. So it proved to be a tough day, probably tougher than the CofC intended. Former Centre Champion Colin Crease having one of his few rides of the year attacked those climbs with his usual zest, which often results in a clean or a 5, whereas Andrea Cottle, not renowned for  all out attacks, found grip with her throttle control & with some footwork to top the C class entry. A number of o50 riders chose on the day to tackle the [harder] o40 route. A mistake that Dave Best didn’t make as he tested out the 4 stroke’s repaired gearbox – it passed!


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