Back from the Arctic! – please read on ….

Hello all,

been there, done that again, with a couple of nights where we saw aurorae, although they weren’t the really wonderful ones. It wasn’t actually very cold either so my ‘Father Christmas’ beard has really been just for decoration!

Now to motor cycling. Mary Crease has mailed to say

“Unfortunately the Frome club’s forthcoming trial the Wyndham Haines due to be run on 13th April has been cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.

The future of any further trials to be run by the Frome club is dependent on whether there is anyone out there who would be interested in taking on the running of these events, Mary would be quite happy to continue acting as secretary but new blood is required to lay out the trial.
Although the club has only one piece of land which it alone uses, there are other venues in the centre which it happily shares with other clubs allowing the running of 3 or 4 trials a year, 2 being Centre Championship rounds.  It would be a big blow to the riders of Wessex  and surrounding centres if these trials are lost so if anyone out there would be interested in laying out 1 or more of these trials (get a group of mates together and have a go, now’s your chance) please contact Tom or Mary on 01761 435035 or

Many thanks

Tom & Mary”

I can only echo what Mary says – it would be a great loss to us all if Frome Trials were to cease. So I urge you younger guys, ie current riders, to involve yourselves even more in the sport & put something back in.

As you know Tom has been laying out Trials for 30 years or more, & he hasn’t been well recently, which is a worry. We all thank him for  his enthusiasm in what he’s done for all of us & look forward to seeing him around at events as as spectator.

I’m sure he couldn’t have carried on as long as he did without Mary’s support, and Mary , as she said above, will happily carry out the Secretarial stuff for you new volunteers.

More follows as I work through my mail.


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