Important message from Jan Watkins. A taste of todays Avery Cup Trial

Hi all,

We’ve been out at Kingswoods’ Avery Cup Trial today. A good day, it didn’t rain, it wasn’t cold, I observed Section 5 & I think there were 77 Riders on my Board – I haven’t seen the results yet to confirm. The Club did well to run considering the water that was apparent in lots of places where it usually isn’t.

Before the start I had a message from Jan,

“Bad news, The BSSA Reg Lewis Trial 9th March planned for 19th  March has been postponed due to the weather as parts of the course and the parking area are waterlogged. The good news is, it has been relocated to the 3.08.2014.

Now I’m prejudging here, & only with my thoughts from my Section, but other things being equal Kurt Brain will be the winner from Rob Warner. My Section was modified for Experts for the second lap by removing one pair of white deviation arrows, this allowed a straight blast up the steep slope witha big step at the top {it was a cracker of a Section then}, Kurt went 5,0,0 Rob went 5, 5, 1{I think} & Fred Adams went 5,5, 3 [I think]. Kurt on his cleans put in a lovely little rear wheel hop to his left on the first downhill which allowed him to not shoulder dab the tree on his right or foot dab on the rock outcrop. Of course as Rob & Fred were both on 4stroke Honda power dainty little flicks are more [impossibly?] difficult & both  needed shoulder & foot dabs. Dropping off the step again [& the drop off was bigger than the step up!] to the ends card also needed very precise positioning which Kurt managed & Rob & Fred didn’t so Rob didn’t get near the ends gate [too far right] until his last lap, & Fred tucked the front wheel against the tree beside the left end card & didn’t get out until the last lap. From an Observers point of view it was brilliant, two genuine cleans showed it could be done, pretty to watch.

If you are a parent you’ll know that you never get rid of the children? When we left, Rob was beside the Van waiting for his parents to turn up with a spare set of Van keys as he’d lost his set somewhere around the course!   I’m guessing here but I think Rob will have traveled furthest to the start today.

Before the start, Centre President Theresa Talbot wearing her ‘Chain of Office’ presented Nipper Allen with the Harry Croft Trophy for 2013 I’ll post a Picture tomorrow!

That’s it for now: Frank

Regards  Jan

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