Centre Board Meeting Report – 03/12/13. Trials Licencing Seminars 2014

No don’t switch off at the thought of a Board Meeting!

Yesterday’s was a lively one with two big discussions, firstly about the Centre Championships. You’ll remember that we told you that the NSMSC Presidents Centre Championship Trial caused hard working Officials a lot of angst because “A significant number of riders had circled an incorrect Wessex Centre Grading List Class on their Entry Forms.”?

The Board confirmed that it is the Riders responsibility to enter their correct Centre Grade, if you don’t you’ll be regarded as riding out of class & hence ineligible for Championship points.

The Centre Trials Recorder mails out his Championship Table updates to more than 100 individuals, 116 actually, & they are also posted for you on this web-site. You know that under the Rider Tab is the current Grading List, don’t you? so you have no excuse for getting it wrong. To help you even more we have created a Page on the site which only has the Grading List on it. See the right hand sidebar – we’ve even put the Page at the top of the List for you. Click the Page, click the link on the Page & you’ll download an Excel workbook with just one page. Look up your name & QED there you have your grade. Easy eh?


The second discussion was about Centre Trials Training Sessions: Pete Culliford came along with plans for developing the skills of Trials Riders in the Centre, particularly youth riders. To do it properly there are several ‘hoops’ to jump through, the first being to get another couple of Licenced Trainers in the Centre, & Fred Adams & Kurt Brain who have also been involved in the planning intend to apply. Fred already is a Licenced CofC & Kurt intends to become a Licenced CofC as well.

Once that’s done then we are in a position to run Training days on Training Permits so everyone can be sure we’ve got the proper groundwork in place. We’ll keep you all updated as things progress.

Frank Sweeting confirmed he would be arranging Regional Licencing Seminars for Trials & Enduro CofC/Stewards at Warmley on 14th & 28th of January – they are Tuesdays – at 19:30hrs. Get in touch with Frank directly or via your Club Secretary with a preferred date asap. He’ll circulate a draft programme & homework  before the end of the month


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