Kingswood Dinner

Hello all,

a day at home for once!

I reckon a Good Time was had by all Kingswoods’ ‘do’ on Friday evening. Before dinner Fraser Dickin had his video of the Avery Cup Trial Running. Very Good too. You should be able to see yourselves in the links to the clips

As Fraser says “Hi Frank,

I’ve uploaded a short segment of 720p video to YouTube taken in the car park at the start of the Kingswood MCC Avery Trial at Yate Court last weekend. I think I managed to get most of the riders in this clip, click below.

Kingswood’s Avery Cup Trial 2013 – the Start

and here’s footage of the Event”

Kingswood’s Avery Cup Trial 2013 the Main Route

Centre President, Theresa, has sent me the link below,which shows ‘how to ride the non stop Observation Rules

FIM No Stop Trials Riding

The early illustrations of Emma Bristow stopping, are, in my opinion, nice illustrations of situations where obviously the Observer would award a ‘five’.

ps “Engine Protection Plate” – why use three words when one sumpguard  would do?

That’s it for the moment, more to follow


ps Thanks to the Diner who donated the Hardy’s Stamp Shiraz/Cabernet/Sauvignon 2008 that Phyllis chose as a Raffle prize. It will go nicely with the roast lamb this evening!

pps Who would believe Mike Fear had been riding for 50 years already. Good to see a special award presented to a surprised Mike.

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