BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Series Timed Trial Results are posted! Centre Board AGM this evening & some other chatter

Morning all:

we’ve just posted Sundays BSSA Timed Trial Results for you, in the usual place!

I mentioned a little while back Mike Fear had compiled a list of  ACU Wessex, Western and South Western Centres and AMCA Trials events in the area. which he  compiled from published dates lists as of the end of November. You can download this list as a .pdf by clicking here  Mike Fears’ Combined Dates List 2013

I’m hopeful also that we’ll have the Wessex Centre Fixture List for January 2013 – February 2014 posted here for you in a moment or two, just click here Jan 2013 to Feb 2014 Fixtures If you forget it’s in this post You’ll find it in the Page list toward the top for the rest of the year!

Here’s a coincidence, walked down to the Village yesterday & noticed a parked van that had Grass Track on the back in big writing. So we stopped & accosted two guys who were taking the felt off a flat roof [sounds familiar? a diabolical cheap way of waterproofing a roof for 20 years only if you are lucky] but they wouldn’t admit to being Grassers. So I peered into the back garden next door [theres a 8foot wall & tall fence panelling that meansI’ve never seen that ground since it was just someones garden years ago, but a fence panel was down for access & there were 4 guys putting in the foundations for a Conservatory. Then I twigged the van also said Waj & Youth. Yep one of the Guys was Zac Wajnechts’ Dad. Small world isn’t it. Shame he wasn’t nominated for the Pinhard Trophy as this years winner, Tom Wooley, was R/up to Zac  in the 2012 FIM World Flat Track Cup.

BTW There’s free food after the James Cup on Sunday but the drinks are on you!     Frank

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