Change of Venue: Swindons Klindt Trophy moves to Hannington from Flistridge. Can’t help agreeing with Rappers!

Bodaff has mailed to say that Swindon have had to change the venue for their Club Klindt trial on Feb 17th from Flistridge to Hannington and should go ahead what ever the weather. The recent bad weather has made the car park at Flistridge unusable. for the time being!  Full details are at
Don’t often look at Rappers thoughts but, by the way Mike I’m sure you’ll be fixed by that open heart surgery & back on the bike soon, but  I remember MCN having pictures of DR at the Beggars Roost with loads of snow. Rappers puts his finger on it, elf & safety considerations [back then we didn’t] & the near death of Trials with roadwork so not only are many machines illegal to ride on the public highway if the car has to be abandoned, but also Organisers concern for the landowners whose ground we use for our ‘private land’ trials. Imagine 80 cars/pickups/trailers cutting up his pasture land we just can’t risk it can we? The ‘happy days’ of riding to the trial, riding the trial & riding home again have all but gone.
With all that wisdom from Rappers he’s in danger of becoming a latter day Rafe!
For the future? It’ll be different but I’m sure wheel  no, we’ll yes that’s right, we’ll carry on making sure that the Seventh day creation of motor cycles will still enthuse lots & lots of people!   See you tomorrow at Steve Orams {Wilts Border]?

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