Good news: Kevin Millers is out of hospital! Here’s an update from Adam Colburn. 50th Lyn Traders

Dear All
I popped into Swindon Hospital today (Tuesday 29th May) to see Windy Miller and take the old goat a copy of T+MX to read. To my surprise he was packing his bags having just been discharged and although he looks mighty frail and has a number boxes to tick before we see him on a bike again, it’s great news indeed. Suffice to say that he has beaten a life support machine, the high dependency ward and now has his new found diabetes under control with a bag of gadgets to keep him safe.
My timing isn’t usually so good but given that Liz, his wife was still at work I took Windy home and he’s still as stubborn as ever. Wouldn’t take the lift from the fourth floor, wanted to get some exercise and use the stairs! I told him to wait in the shade while I brought the car round to get him but no, he walked with me. Liz now has the unenviable task of trying to get him to slow down and I for one wish her well.
Kev still has difficulty seeing things and driving is out of the question, as is reading emails, but with glasses he can see the odd text. He knows lots of people have been in touch and will no doubt get on contact when he can but feels moved by the good wishes and kind sentiments he has received.
I’m sure we will see him at a Trial sooner than we think. I for one asked him to get my Trials Regs Listing sorted as I miss it and really don’t know how I managed before. See you all soon.
Best Regards – Adam
Adam: thanks for the update. We all grumble about the NHS, but when the chips are down, it comes up trumps.
I was Steward at the Lyn Traders last Sunday, last time we were down there, two years ago Kevin was riding it. Hope he’ll be back on the bike soon, trying the easiest route to start with maybe?  – Frank, btw Joe Baker was the winner on 3m/lost with Chris Stay R/up Ross Hancock 3rd & brother Keelan 4th. Chris Koch knows what a great Trial it is, came down & slept in the van overnight & cleaned up the Clubman Expert class

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