Kevin Miller — See you around & about soon we hope!

We’ve had a mail from Adam Colburn about Kevin.
Hello everyone
Quick update to my previous note on the condition of dear old Kev (Windy) Miller. I had a phone call this afternoon from Liz, his lovely wife, to let me know the old sod has been in the high dependency unit of Swindon Hospital for the last nine days, four of them on life support!
Not wishing to alarm anyone, Kev should be on a normal ward in the next few days. In short, Kev suffers from Graves Disease which affects the thyroid and this started to play up again a few weeks ago. As I’ve always said to him, you don’t get his chiseled good looks without pretty parents or a justifiable cause and this seems to be it. Unknown to Kev or Liz he has become diabetic and this episode has seen a blood sugar level of 54 which means nothing to me but apparently means you call a vicar.
If you get the chance to drop him a note to wish him well, please do so. I’m off on Holiday to Cornwall this weekend for a week but have asked Liz to let me know if anything should change in the old grey beards condition and I will let you know.
In the meantime. lets all keep everything crossed.
Best Regards – Adam
Obviously everyone will want Kevin to ‘Get well soon’ & I’m sure any messages, cards etc will help get the smile back on Kevin’s face.

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