The View – from Ba House

The “stop:non-stop debate” is warming up nicely. Already in the Centre there’s been a pre-emptive strike which has produced a return of the stopping rules to one club’s Championship, it seems likely that those who stand to lose the most from this change to non-stop will be the ones who will continue to fight the hardest against it, and will seek to get it reversed at their first opportunity. That’s only human, if you’re used to being allowed to ride virtually free-style, having most of your cunning ploys rendered useless, is bound to make you just a bit unhappy.
But this change was not introduced to punish the rule-stretchers, rather we hoped that by forcing everyone to ride properly, our game could start to return to a more civilised situation.The theory was that observing could become virtually risk free,and maybe then more people might be tempted into helping us out. Already there are signs that it might be working. Observing is now much simpler. All you have to do is count up the footing marks and watch for the stop, its boy’s work in comparison to the old way, which was so awful that none of us really knew how to observe it fairly.
Sadly though at the end of the year this happy situation is going to be reviewed, which means that we’ve only got a few more months of sanity left before we return to the full glory of the jumping up and down game. Still it was a brave try.
It’s good to hear that Freddie Adams has got into the Scottish, ( Evidently it took the threat of a visit with fire and sword by his relatives to finally tip the balance ), so all he needs now is to choose the right riding companion. The choice is between someone who gets lost on a regular basis, and head-butts trees, or one who trickles round at a gentler pace and finishes OK every time. I think he’ll go for the headbanger.
Best wishes to young Victoria Payne,who suffered that dreadful injury at the Traders recently. I hope that you recover quickly and that you”ll be out again with us soon.            —                 Ba

I’ll echo some of that, Stop:NoStop – the Kingswood 2 Day event will be NoStop, Delighted Freds’ got an entry to the SSDT & ‘headbanger’ who on earth could that be? We all echo Ba’s get better quickly – it’s not the sort of preparation you need for the British Championship Campaign Victoria has.    —     Frank


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