My, doesn’t time fly?

It’s a week since I have told you anything new, so this will help bring you up to speed!

Last Friday was long day, 2 days previously we had a note to say the wife of a work colleague & friend had passed away & that the funeral was in Worthing. Now its probably 15 years since we saw them last but we ‘keep in touch’ with Christmas cards, & it’s nearly 40 years since we worked together. So off we went not expecting to know anyone at the funeral except Keith. When we began to go into the Service we tagged onto the end of the queue & I noticed one mourner dressed in ‘Teddy Boy’ gear {Fred Rowcliffe will know what I mean} crepe soles drainpipes shoestring tie long hair [by the standard of the 60’s} & sideburns. The odd man out I thought, but people come in all shapes, sizes & packaging don’t they. Whats this got to do with motorcycles you say? Well after the service this guy wanders over & says “You used to drive my van to Grasstracks” Frantically I put the brain into gear & called up a name from 40 years ago. You must be Rich. I said, fortunately I remembered correctly. Yes I drove Rich’s van, with Keith & I being Rich & his passengers pit crew to a number of grass tracks. That was in the days when you got hold of a Triumph twin engine stuck in E3134 cams  – engine done! Knocked up an outfit chassis in the shed choice of right hand or left hand chair in the South East & you were good to go! Happy days! Rich like us has kept his interest in two wheels & has done the concours thing, & still does road runs. An unexpected pleasure & what a pleasant remembrance!

Yesterday, it was alarm on for 06:30 for a Trustee Meeting in Burlington House in Piccadilly, vast crowds waiting for the David Hockney exhibition to open & back home by 19;45 just in time to see Chelsea/Benfica. What was Petr Czech doing when they scored! Not a lot from what I saw!

OK here’s something up to date about bikes. The Centre has been sent Entry Forms for an Inter Centre pre 1975 British Bike Team Trial. This event is on 04/06/12 with Entries closing on 20/05/12. There will be 4 riders per Team & it’s all on private land [no roadwork] Each Team needs a Manager & an Observer. Tuesdays Board Meeting agreed to support a Centre Team if there is interest & standard Centre Expenses would be made available to the Team Manager. If there is anyone out there who wants to get involved get in touch with Theresa, our Centre Secretary, as she will fill you in with the details.

This is important information for Event Organisers, please read & act accordingly. this is taken from an email circulated by ACU General Secretary, Gary Thompson, on Monday 2nd April

“Due to varying circumstances beyond our control, Doodson who were the ACU’s appointed Brokers with effect 1st January 2012, resigned from this position on 14th March.

Over the last couple of weeks, discussions have taken place with Locktons Motorsport Risk Services, who have now been re-appointed as our Brokers.

I have attached a copy of the Key Facts documents and copies of the indemnification letters to cover events held under Basic and Premier insurance.

The rates of insurance issued last November remains in place and I can confirm there are no fluctuations in the insurance premiums to be paid by our Organising Clubs.  A copy of the Insurance Matrix outlining Insurance premiums for the various disciplines is attached for ease.

Please be assured that the change of Brokers does not result in any interruption in the insurance cover provided by the ACU.”

If you have to provide your Landowner with evidence of the Clubs cover for indemnifying any Landowner claims you need the up to date Locktons not the useless Doodson piece of paper. The ‘pieces of paper will be circulated to Club Secretaries with the March Board Minutes.

A big four day sporting week end is coming up & I’ll remind you about the Traders Centre Championship Trial on Sunday, Rob Pike tells me you’ll get 2 laps of  20 or 21, maybe 22 sections & the Valers will appreciate any help with Observing, if you are a rider who provides an Observer, you’ll even get a ‘free’ Entry to the Valers Trial on 29th April – but of course you had to be entered by yesterday. I expect the usual suspects will turn out to observe but there aren’t 22 of them in the Centre! So please help out if you can.

More to come when I’ve got a few more minute: Frank

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