Where to start? Centre AGM I think!

Hello all, as you know the Board held its AGM on Tuesday evening. Great excitement!

For the first time in aeons  there were elections. Yes, there were more nominations than vacancies for the posts of President & Vice Chairman, & all the nominees allowed their names to go forward, so the tellers had work to do.

As a Result, Your Board now looks like this: President, Keith Wooster, Vice Presidents: Martyn Bracey, Denys Plaster, Phil Steadman, Frank Sweeting & Chris Fear the retiring President. Your Chairman is Keith Wooster, Vice Chairmen Mike Fear & Frank Sweeting, Honorary Treasurer Clive Chapman, Secretary Theresa Talbot, Assistant Secretary Phyllis Sweeting, Permit Secretary Mike Fear, National Council Delegate Frank Sweeting. Martyn Bracey is both Awards Secretary & Benevolent Fund Representative. Frank Sweeting doubles up [trebles up?]  as Web Site Administrator.

Outgoing President Chris Fear said that she’d enjoyed her year & encouraged younger guys to involve themselves more in organising events [cos when us old codgers shuffle off up there, or maybe to the warmer place below?, you won’t have any events to ride – Ed.] & also to come to Board Meetings. She presented the Harry Croft Trophy to Theresa Talbot.

Team Managers for the Inter Centre Team Trial are Tom Crease solo, Martyn Bracey sidecar & Theresa Talbot youth. The Accounts showed we [well in my opinion – Ed.] spent £2165 supporting our three teams last year in Mid Wales last year

And talking of Trophies, Martyn Bracey had the Centre Trial Championship Trophy which has now been updated with the 2011 Champion, Gary Marshman’s name together with all of former Champion Colin Crease’s victory years. An extra base has had to be put on the Trophy to get them all in & allow some breathing space for the future! It was rumoured that Gary will be presented with it at the West Wilts Centre Champs Trial on Sunday.

More to follow: Frank


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