Trials Championship goes ‘No Stop’ for 2012!

Hot from last nights Board Meeting.

The Wessex Centre Trials Championship for 2012 has adopted the No Stop Observation Rules.

The Board hopes that the adoption of this marking system will encourage non riders at events to volunteer to observe by reducing the pressure applied to Observers by a minority of riders & connected persons to change or alter their decisions.

In making this decision the Board noted that some well established experienced Observers had stopped volunteering to observe during the current season because of the constant questioning of their decisions, and that  a number of Championship trials did not have a full complement of Observers.

Frank’s note: Let’s hope the minority ‘get the message’ & that none of our regular Observers take the decision to ‘retire from active duty’ in future. Riders must always remember that Observers are out for an enjoyable days sport as much as you are, without Observers your days sport will be diminished. As I always point out, I have never yet heard a rider suggest I have got a decision incorrect & that I scrub out the ‘three’ I recorded & change it for a five, as a rider you win some, you lose some!

FYI TSR34 ‘Offensive Behaviour’ specifically mentions ‘arguing’ with an Observer or other Official, a yellow card may be shown to the rider or connected person, the rider is then liable for disqualification by the Clerk of the Course!

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