Maler Calling!

Notes from Shepton Mallet Motor Club 

November 11th was a sombre day on it’s own account, but for Wessex club members and competitors it was doubly sad with the passing of that doyen of sidecar drivers Alan Brown. ” Brownie”, as he was referred to by all who knew him, was a brilliant engineer,equally at home with lathe, welding torch and spray gun. Everything he produced had the look of quality about it.

He was the King-pin of the Bristol enclave of the B.S.S.A., known in Shepton as the Bristol Mafia. To see him holding sway at the Mendip Inn following a trial was like witnessing a gathering of tribal elders. No-one would leave the bar until the Commanding-Officer decided it was time. That was usually many hours AFTER closing time. The landlord was heard to say, ” You can’t shift that lot without a stick of Dynamite”

Alan was a man with a devoted band of followers, who readily accepted his brusque comments and would have thought they were out of favour if he didn’t berate them regularly in the Anglo-Saxon manner.

He was instrumental in ensuring a full entry for any club who catered for chairs. He was such a ferocious competitor that others nicknamed him the “Great-White-Shark”, though in all probability not to his face.

We all have our memories of Brownie and will miss his prescence. He was a really great sidecar man and friend to the hundreds who attended his funeral plus many more who couldn’t be there. The Shepton club members extend our deepest sympathy to Marg and family. He was a rough diamond and unique with it.

Rest in peace old friend, Maler.

Thank you Dave, for that Tribute to ‘Brownie’ & reminding us all of the Fellowship & lasting Friendships that motorcycling brings us all.  —-  Frank

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