Just back from Frome’s Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Championship Trial

Hi all, just got back in from the Centre Championship Trial at a venue I’ve never been to before, Fry’s Bottom at Chelwood. This venue is one of North Somersets, & as you all know Frome have lost Asham Woods as a venue so we must all be delighted that North Somerset allowed Frome to use ‘their’ venue. This may be what has to happen even more in the future with Clubs ‘sharing’ ground as ground becomes more & more difficult to find & ride on. In the same way looking forward many Clubs rely on the same workers, & anno domini has caught up with a few of them of late, so Clubs might consider amalgamating so that there are enough shoulders to put to the wheel. Club with a proud history of independence need not ‘disappear’ if two Clubs amalgamated ‘workers’ they could still affiliate both Clubs to the ACU & run events for both Clubs couldn’t they?

Anyway a few thoughts about the day. As this was the first time CofC Tom Crease has laid  out sections here no-one knew how they would ride. I suspect they were easier than they looked, as a number were tightened up after the first lap. An innovation was a section for Experts only, Bill Bailey observed this one [7a] for the first lap & after that the Experts observed themselves, it will be interesting to see their scores on this one! Most of the Experts who are in contention for the Championship were here, Kurt Brain being the exception {at the Hurran in Western Centre?}. There were almost enough Observers!  We missed Nipper Allen who it is rumoured is chopping down trees in the Highlands of Scotland, CofC Tom Crease had to pick up the board on Section 2 after Nicola Golding had to go to sort out a four legged [horse] problem at home. Dean Lovelace had to lend his bike to Ben, whose own needs an engine rebuild, so he observed, the Talbots provided an Observer, Theresa, the Creases provided another, Colins brother Paul, the Hassall’s provided Lee’s Dad Dean & Grandad, Colin, Sue Harding, Daryll Fortune, Phyllis Sweeting, Bob Burt & Denys Plaster. Thanks all of you from the riders! Among the youths its the first time I’ve really known who Jamie Knight is & it’ll be interesting to see who comes out best, Jamie or George Marshman. Jamie I hear has some tutelage from ‘past master’ Martin Strang. Its’ really nice to hear them both lads thank Observers on their last lap, I know Observers appreciate it. I know the other youths I saw, Josh & Luke Golding & Ollie Humphris always do the same, oops forgot Gareth Talbot who I saw jeopardising his lift home when laughing at Mark losing marks in his Mums section. Don’t misunderstand me, I know the majority if not all riders do the same, but it doesn’t hurt to remind all of us that in this amateur sport, a little thanks goes a long way to persuading Observers & Organisers that their efforts are appreciated!

I’ve got no idea who will be the winners in the 55 or was it 56  strong entry as I only saw half a dozen expert rides, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ian Fortune hasn’t had a good ride [top 4?] Oh & the graded hillclimb is something we don’t often see these days, although it seemed easy [if you are just watching] George Papagiorgio & Dave Best on their 4 strokes just sounded wonderful on it, real music to the ears. Only one grumble all day, how did those flags get put in for Section 9? I went up to get the whites & the topmost reds & blues & I did think I was likely to slide back down on my b-m or my back, its a job for youngsters who would bounce better than I did!

As soon as I see the Results I’ll post them up if Mary has been able to sort things out before 22:00 say.

Afternote: I missed out the Observer on Section 12 who I know but whose name I forget for the moment, but he did a sterling job after being issued with a Chair to sit on. When you are hopping about on crutches [a work accident] standing up on uneven ground for four hours would not have been fun without it.

Note to all Riders, next week is another Centre Championship Trial, North Somersets “Presidents Trophy” Trial – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Now we’ve had our tea & checked my mail, Mary has been very quick off the mark with the Results, & I see Ben Lovelace won on 7, Gary Marshman R/Up on 13 & Lee Hassall with a good ride third on 18, Ben Skinner on 20, Colin on 25 & my suggestion Ian F not really in the hunt in sixth on 51, give me moment & I’ll post them up for all of you to see. Sorry the moment is longer than I thought, I was called away to drying up tea duty!


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