ACU Licence Renewals for 2012

Hi all,

Some of us [all of us?] have had our Competition Licence/Trials Registration Renewal Forms by now.

You’ll see, well I did when I went to look, that you are going to need a  ‘Unique Club Membership Code issued by Club:  ‘

You’ll need to get this from your Club Secretary, or Club Membership Secretary, however Rugby hasn’t issued them to Clubs yet, as Gary Scrivs. has found [he’s Bristol Phoenix’s Club Secretary if you didn’t know]

Don’t panic, Rugby tell me this morning, Monday 14th Nov, that some were sent last week, & the rest are are being sent  this week. I don’t know if this is as hard or soft copy.

I suggest you don’t try to talk to your Club official until around Wednesday next week 23/11/11 when all should be well!

Bear in mind that you will need this unique number whether you are renewing online or via hard copy, & that your Club might want your Club Sub before giving you the number!

I hope this helps clarify the current situation for everyone!

Hope to see lots of  you at Frome’s Championship Trial on Sunday – Frank

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