Wells & Dist, Youth Trial & Timed Trial Date changed to this Saturday June 25th, More from our man in Corsica

Steve Thorne says

Hi Frank

It’s looking like the start time for the youth might be delayed slightly to 3.30pm

HI Frank – The Wells club has changed the date of it’s June event, the Lawford Timed Trial which will now be held at 6pm on Saturday 25 June at 6pm. The venue is Emborough Ponds and in the afternoon on the same day there will also be some sections set out for beginner youth riders. The start time for the youth event will be at 2.30pm and it will be a non-timed opportunity for young beginners to have a ride prior to the adult event. – Cheers: Steve

I havent posted the Regs/Entry Forms yet as I’m really busy but wanted you to be in the know ASAP

And now for something completely different

Hi Frank ..don’t remember where I got to in my memoirs !.. My ruddy bike conked out.. turned out to be HT coil… Dherby Moto (near Geneva) send stator and CDI unit  (warranty replacements) on 24 hour courier  the service here from bike shops puts our shops to shame!..any way there was some malcomrehension and they diddn’t sent HT coil .the mechanic for the Rando ( google Michael Pizzano) Jean scoured the island and founs an HT coil from a DT yamaha we fitted it and bingo  off we went again..some of the rides were a little on the hard/dangerous side for me ( well out of my comfort Zone..don’t tell  my mum) we were up to 2400 mtrs high on the edge of mountains etc etc. In all we covered 500 kilometers in 5 days (8 hour days)the off piste riding was much harder than eg the ride up Blackwater in Scotland..I would say that the riding in general was as tough as the Scottish as the goat traick on the mountains were effectively continous sections all granite rock with descents so horrendous that we all including Mika (Pizzano) had to demount and manhandle the bikes down several times.. a superb experience for trials riders generally and excellent value for money all inclusive 4 night at 3 star hotels.. excellent food all you can eat plus the last hotel was only one without pool & Jacuzzi but the old lady who ran it wa just like your mum all home cooked ..eat more .etc.etc…  5 lunchstop pic nics included 680 euros. We have to go to Dherby Motos (near Geneva c. 2 hours from here) on Teusday now to get my bike sorted ..we fitted new stator and cdi but had to give back the Ht coil that we borrowed so we will just take the bike as is to the shop and they will fix it ..all under garantee..no questions asked no problem. Our next competitive event here is 4 days of Cruise followed by 3 days of Haut Vosges.. we will take a week to trundle over to Cruise (google ATC st. Christophe) via the Cevennes and then  2 weeks via the Jura and Alsace to get up to Vosges, Jant is entered in both these events ..we understand that the Haut Vosges interzone is pretty tough so fingers crossed that she can manage… if it’s like Corsica ..extreme ..where it is all you can do to get by at times nobody will have any reseves of stamina to help her so we may have un Gros problem. We start riding again on thursday in Guy’s playground ..Gorges de Ardeche.. trials here are really differnt  as are the riders ..eg. at 3 jours D Ardeche we were all camped up with free electric .water toilets etc. and proffesional riders came over for aperatifs and we rode each other bikes..I wanted thier opinions on my mods to steering etc.. realy nice  guys Loris Gubain Quilloum ??? I sponsor (footrests only) the winner of the trial and 4 times French Champion..Jerome Bethune..he is a real Charcter and  puts on a good show for the public ..it is normal practice here for the pros to put on a show/demonstration after the trial for the benifit of the locals and of course to entertain the riders whilst waiting for the results and prizegiving..all is done before the event is over..i.e the remis prix/podium is an integra;l part of the trial it is considered bad manners to go home early. Have loads of video but no photos ..may be able to scrounge some from the other guys to email. All best

Thanks Chris for the update. They do it differently over there don’t they.

Again I haven tried to tidy Chris’s mail for the same reason but I can imagine it’s difficult to get all the spellings etc right when the suns pouring down & you can’t really see the laptop screen very well but I thought you’d all want to be kept up to date – Frank


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