News from Corse – from Chris W & Janet H. MotoGiro d’Italia. ACU consultation on introduction of an online Competition Licence/Trials Registration system.

Hi Frank, a quick report from the mountains of Corsica.

What a beautiful Island. Arrived monday 7 am,  riding in mountains by 9 am.  Used up 12 litres of fuel exclusively on tracks and trails up to 2400 m [ca 7500′ Ed.] high First hotel fantastic with pool ,jaccuzzi, etc, food excellent. My bike died today, we think it is electrical so a replacement stator ,coil and cd [? Ed.]are on 24 hr delivery from Dherby moto. I have to say this shop puts any and all uk trials shops to shame with the service and choice, [eat your heart out BVM? – Ed.] It’s the biggest trials outlet in europe. tomorrow I have to sit it out by the pool or in the jacussi ,sauna, or bar this hotel is also very good.

We are being guided by a paris dakar & enduro rider called Michael Pissano and spannnered by his mechanic.. bivouac lunch stops refuelling ad hoc..thoroughly reccomend this deal as it is about same offroad mileage as the Scottish with the sections built into the tracks. Exceptional panorama’s weather 28 at 2400 mtrs, sunny with a violent thunderstorm for 30 mins today. We also did a 3 day trial in Ardeche very very good videos etc on Janet on podium as usual.Sorry about spelling etc I just cant see this screen too well. Better get to sleep now 0815 start tomorrow so will breakfast with the guys. all good company I was in tears of laughter at dinner tonight. Best regards to all trials mates at home will keep posting. Chris

At the last Board Meeting all Clubs were reminded that ACU Rugby has issued a consultation document about online Competition LicenceaTrials Registration. Directors say its [an online Licence application Form which will take your Fee by debit or credit card]going to happen for next year & will be in place by 01/11/11. The current paper system will continue in parellel. The Centre urges all Clubs to consider the consultation document & respond directly to Gary Thompson. FYI the document was sent [I don’t know if paper copies were sent or not] to all Club Secretaries, Gary wants response by 30/06/11 thats just a fortnight away now.

West Wilts are responding as the system that will be introduced does not in the Clubs opinion meet the need of Clubs – it might suit Rugby, but not us as a Club. We suspect your Club will find the same. If you need a copy of the document ask Keith Wooster, Theresa Talbot or myself.

‘New’ Centre Treasurer Clive Chapman had just got back from the MotoGiro d’Italia a six day Rally in surprise surprise Italy on his 175cc MotoGuzzi Lodola together with a lot of other Brits. Have a look at for  the route & results.


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