Chattering is delighted to announce a new generation of Shuttleworths!

Yes, Ben Shuttleworth is a Dad! Abbie , of course had the difficult bit to do & apart from being a 10 days or so late all went well & young Haydn weighed in about 71/2lbs at 23:30 on Friday night at RUH in Bath. As is the way of things these days little Haydn was home at 2:30am this morning & all are well. We look forward to seeing Abbie & Haydn at events very soon.

Continuing with the future, we’ve just seen the latest picture of our own grandson, William, who now sports two top teeth & a cherubic smile!

Watch this space for further ‘happy events’ announcements later on in the year. We hear there are three more Mums to be!  – Frank

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