‘Chattering’ goes international! Tuck/Cross National Sidecar Championship Trial on Sunday 29/05/11


Dave Edolls from the other side of the pond [Canada] comments:

“I have just found the Regs for the Reg Lewis Trial – I moved to Canada in 1984 and stopped sidecar trials arround 74, although I remained scrutineering bikes and cars through to 84.
My surprise was that I recognised and knew the officials , things dont change, even remember Allan Brown, John Awford etc
what happened to Graham Manning , Allan Brown etc ?”

regards dave eddolls {dave.eddolls@bell.net}

Not sure I can answer that question Dave, so it’s up to you readers to bring him up to date.
You can do that via the website by adding comments to this post. They won’t show immediately but should be quickly approved & be visible/available.
I’ve included Dave’s mail address as well in case you want to get in touch directly.

Don’t forget Sundays Tuck/Cross National Sidecar Championship Trial based at Lambs Lair start time 10:00 o’clock organised by BSSA. I suspect any helpers will be welcome as there are always jobs to be done – Oh & there will be a catering van at the start as well!

Keep your feet up: Frank

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