We’re back! & Ian Shuttleworth beats former World Champion Dougie Lampkin!

Hello all, in case you’ve been missing our intermittent comment, information & random thoughts, we’re back from Scotland.

I had thought beforehand I might be able to give a daily ‘report’ or post a few pictures from the the Highlands for you but it didn’t happen!
Here’s a few reasons why, first my computer started playing up the week beforehand (it’s now being replaced but that depends on our technical consultant, Clive, investing in a new one so we can ‘benefit’ from his old one. This is making editing/posting Regs. Results etc difficult with the basic facility we are having to use.
The computer problem meant it’s not possible to download pictures from the digital camera to the computer to make them available to upload to the web-site.
Secondly my camera started to play up as well! It’s a known problem with its CCD imaging sensor – so its packed up ready to be sent off, for a free replacement CCD (only to 30/06/11) after which Canon regard it as obselete!
Thirdly to access the internet with the free (& open) wifi services now widely available You don’t necessarily have the security that we have built in on our domestic network. So we took the decision not to post anything onto the site while away from base.

So there you are. I shall post some thoughts on the SSDT later but here’s one headline for you.

Ian Shuttleworth beats former World Champion Dougie Lampkin!
Yes it’s true, Ian struggled all week from what we saw but ‘chapeau’ to him (if you don’t understand that, watch Eurosport’s Giro/Tour/Vuelta cycling coverage) It is a big compliment.
Ian got a ‘Finishers Certificate’ Dougie didn’t. Why?
Because Dougie tried an unnecessary line in one of the early Fersit subs which involved jumping from one rock to another, it was also off the obvious linein the stream bed. We were told by Mr Observer that Michael Brown had just done that & Dougie tried the same thing (TMX suggested it was Ben Hemingway who had just done the jump) but got it wrong. Whatever, it was totally unnecessary & put Dougie out of the trial. Later in the week, well next day actually, I heard the comment from within the family that Dougie wanted to ‘entertain’ the crowd, well maybe, but the art of winning is to be conservative, only sticking your neck out when there is advantage to be gained. There most certainly wasn’t at that section, all there was were 5 marks to be lost. Amongst the top runners a 5 was going to win or lose the Trial. Physchology? If Dougie thought he’d physch out the opposition by showing he could do it the hard way it backfired didn’t it? And there’s so few rivals actually watching you at the SSDT – although word gets to other riders very quickly of course.

So I repeat, “chapeau” to Ian Shutts’ ride. Frank

ps Ian wasn’t the only Wessex Centre rider to ‘beat’ Dougie of course. all of them did apart from Craig Talbot who had an unfortunate off just before the Fersit group, which left him without a couple of gears & needing an engine/box rebuild & unable to start on Friday.

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