Bums on Seats & Classes for Riders

Bums on Seats

If I’ve caught your attention this isn’t any sort of comment about competitive Events. No it’s about Club Annual Dinners. Both the Kingswood & the West Wilts Dinners are nearly upon us, so nearly that Kingswoods’ is tomorrow week [19th March] & West Wilts’ is a fortnight later [1st April]. Both ‘dos’ cost the Clubs more than the price of your tickets & are a good evening out with like minded people. Besides if you are allowed out to ride most weekends it helps to treat your ‘other half’ sometimes! Both are at the Golf Club – Chipping Sodbury for Kingswood & Cumberwell Park for West Wilts. I know there are tickets still available for West Wilts & Chris Kelly is your contact on 01225 865497, I’m not so sure about Kingswood but Mike Fear on 01761 418492 is the man.

We hope to see you there.


Classes for Riders

No it’s not some odd way of telling you about Trials Schools or that you need more practice! If you are reading this you are pretty au fait with the Rules of your branch of the sport, but I know that one recent Event had difficulty getting the Youth Results correct. How So?

Well, the Entry Forms weren’t filled in correctly! You, well Mum & Dad know when you were born, but the Club you are riding with won’t if you don’t complete the Box requiring your date of birth if you are under 18. Youth Classes are classified by your age. The Route you ride is the route the Club has laid out for your age groups ability & you should enter that Route on the Entry Form.

If you wish to ride ‘out of class’ ie you are Youth A Age Group , but want to ride down on the easier Youth B route,  you must tell the Secretary of the Meeting. In the same way if you are Youth C Age Group but want to ride up on the more difficult Youth B route, you must get permission from the Clerk of the Course and tell the Secretary of the Meeting.

Do I hear someone saying ‘WHY’ – it’s simple, Youth Riders ride down for no award & they ride up without being eligible for an award unless the Supplementary Regulations for the event say you are. In the particular Event I’m thinking of  it was the rider who appeared to finish 3rd on marks lost who was the best rider in his class – because the two lads who seemed to be better than him both rode out of class – but they didn’t tell the Club & were [if the Club hadn’t checked & got it right] doing another rider out of his best in class award.

Here endeth another lesson  – although it’s in the Riders ACU Handbook & should be known to all of you.  Frank

ps If you are a Youth Rider of exceptional ability, in our Centre we can consider whether to grade you as a Youth Expert irrespective of your age. Then you will ride the most difficult Route that the Club has laid out

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